With the new release of Flutter 2.0 which took place on March 3, 2021, the support for the web platform has become stable.

With this introduction, the Flutter team pushes the reusability of code to another level with the support of the web platform.

Our vision for Flutter is to be a portable UI framework for building beautiful app experiences on any platform. Today, as part of Flutter 2, we’re announcing that Flutter’s web support has hit the stable milestone.

In this tutorial after a quick intro to Flutter world where I show some usage scenarios and some web features…

Learn how to use Flutter CustomPainter to beautify the UI of your next application.

Are you interested in creating custom interfaces for your next application? In this tutorial, I will show how to draw a custom shape and paths to enhance the UI of your application without using any external library.

For this tutorial, I decided to take inspiration from this project that I found on Instagram on the Dimest profile. Essentially is a smart home control UI.

A quick intro guide to enhancing the design for your next Flutter mobile app

Welcome to this new tutorial where you will learn some basic concepts that will help you while designing a mobile application with Flutter. This post is related to Flutter development but you can use these concepts in any other interface development.

When we develop applications we are more focused on functionality than on details. I can assure you that by following these simple but useful tips your application will take on another aspect and will be considered by end-users.

Table of Contents

  • Typography
  • White space
  • Color
  • Icon
  • Animation


Typography is the art of arranging type (letters and characters) with the goal to make…

In this essay, I would answer an interesting question: Can anyone become a software developer?

Fundamentally, learning how to become a software developer is the same as pursuing any career path.

The “hard work” and the “consistency” are the common factors to achieve success.

All people follow the same path to become the software developer:

  • first learning the technology and theory;
  • then apply the learning and building projects;

My suggestion for all people that want to follow this path is to try for two weeks or one month and see if you enjoy it. …

Dart and Flutter introduction

In this post, I would like to give my point of view on using Flutter after a few intensive months of development of an application for the smart management of a hotel. I created from scratch a completely customized interface, I used animations, transformations, circular sliders, etc. The final result was truly amazing from the point of view of graphic quality and from the point of view of performance even on older phones.

This post will not talk about the app, but I will try to list the features of this framework and why many mobile developers have to take…

In this post, I will explore how to build the UI and the business logic for the famous game Tic Tac Toe.

I build from scratch the entire app, and I will deepen some concepts of this framework.

Let’s start and create the `main.dart` file:

In Flutter everything that appears on the screen is a widget. When we create user interfaces we make a composition of widgets. When we nest widgets one inside the other we create a hierarchy called widget tree.

the `main()` function is the entry point and the `runApp()` function takes an instance of a `Widget`…

In general add animations to your applications enriches the general user experience.

In Flutter creating animations is very simple and intuitive. In this case you will learn how to create a bouncing button animation working with controllers and values.

Davide Agostini

Mobile Software Engineer (Android/Flutter💙) who loves create interesting mobile apps with an eye to UI.

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